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Could you ski Mont Blanc?

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MINI OLYMPIANS: Interview with Chemmy Alcott

Britain's fastest ever female skier, four-time Olympian, TV presenter and coach Chemmy Alcott, 36, talks exclusively to Louise Hall about her career and how to get your kids into ski racing...

READ ONLINE HERE: Family Traveller- October 2018 - for the interview and Chemmy's round-up of Best British Kids' Ski Race Camps  Magazine PDF out now in Winter 2018/ Spring 2019 Issue 

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Ski+board: Gear Reviews

Gear Reviews: Learn how to be left to your own devices

Ski+board magazine - April 2018

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Ski+board: Resort Insider

Resort Insider: The Path to Piste Perfection

Ski+board magazine - 2018

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3 resorts 2 ways

Just because your children are in ski school, doesn’t mean you can’t go off-piste powder-hounding. Louise Hall discovers three family-friendly French resorts in the Haute Tarentaise that promise something for everyone, without blowing the budget.

Family Traveller - November/ December 2016 Issue

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